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Very slow, doesnt react on touch gestures, not much editing possibilities, not even close to standard pdf apps like goodreader and pdf expert

Not for iPad

Looks like a decent app, but its worthless if you want to do any serious work on your iPad. Great for iPhone. However, pushing a little 2x button and then having a blurry larger image is not what I need in an etext. Sorry chegg, but back to course smart for me. Let me know when you redesign and I will be back. Thank you.

Makes you download an app to view anything.

Thats it.


Great app! Very easy to use Thanks :)

Terrible app!!!

This app never remembers your password. I have been trying to sign into my chegg account for ages now!!! Something always goes wrong!!!

Fair review!

You think for the price you pay, at least they would get the answer right. No!! Some hard questions dont even have answers!! I post some question requests, no one even answers. Please improve!! Chegg!!

Crashes every time

Ive tried this app on iPhone and iPad and as soon as I sign in it crashes.


$16.99 a month?! It’s beyond brutal when you pay to access solutions and half of them are missing/ not figured out. The concept is great and I normally wouldn’t expect to see EVERY solution but when you are paying that kind of money per month, you better get some bang for your buck. I’d say its worth more along the lines of $4.99 a month in its current state.


App has most textbook and solutions. Really great for students


Does everything you want it to.

Good application; weird service

The application generally is good and easy to use. But what I dont like is that some users just answer randomly and this is not good!


I love Cheggs tutoring service. Its worth 14.99 a month.

Helps a lot its a life saver

You just read the bar code and it takes you to the book, with all the answers. I like to verify my work to make sure Im doing it correctly so this puts me at ease. They also have tutors for different subjects so check it out.

Great for math!

It shows each step for each math problem. But double check your answers because I have found a few mistakes. I used the back of the book as well.

Great Option

I love the ability to purchase online and NOT wait in line at a bookstore.

Quick and easy

Bought my books with far less money than the price quoted by my school. I used the mobile app and the whole process was smooth and fast.


This app has totally helped me check my answer for my chemistry and physics classes. Total live saver.

Great service terrible app

Chegg is awesome but this app is not. The search feature is rubbish. I search on everyones favorite search engine and then click the solution but it defaults and opens the app. The problem is that the app doesnt actually go the problem. If you attempt to search in the app it doesnt find it. Use the service dont get the app


Took way to long to answer my questions. Still havent been answered.

Wont stay logged in long enough

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