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Respond to the posted queasiness faster please

When you post a question in the app, their experts send the answer hours later. Everything else is fine. Textbook answers are helpful.

Thanks and appreciation

I just want to say that Chegg is worth every penny u have cause I does magic and I wouldn’t trade it for nothing, this website is a straight blessing hands down.. It had just about every answer for me, it really helped me out and it really did thank you chegg...


It’s has the answers for the textbook which makes you keeping up with the material 👍🏼


Awesome tool when you’re stuck and need help. Worth the $15/mo


most useful thing for me in college, but only if you use it to learn and teach yourself concepts rather than cheat.

Solutions provided are often times inaccurate or now well explained

Solutions aren’t vetted, what’s the point of having the correct answers but incorrect solutions.


Solutions are not explained in the math parts, Ive already found an problem that did not match the book, and a wrong answer and ive only used it for one section. Not worth a single dime, a scam

I payed $15 for the app and can’t use it

I payed for the app and it won’t let me use it. I tried signing in with the only 2 emails that I have and neither one worked. I emailed them and they responded that I didn’t have an account, even though my bank record shows that I was charged for the account.


chegg saves my life


I Updated the App and now it’s not working properly at all. When I sign in everything get black and the App sign me out automatically . I tried to delete the App and downloaded it again but I keep having the same issue.


For stats they should add a calculator input version instead of mini tab not everyone takes online classes


Everything about the app is great but I can seem to find where you can ask questions and get the answers. Not posting my own but looking up something that’s already done. The search browser only lets me look up books and courses.


I had the right responses but looked on this app and put the response and they were wrong so I suggest people not to use this app for test or anything!!!


Saved my physics and math analysis grade due to the great explanations for every single problem in my book. Definitely worth the subscription and its so nice that I can even use the app on my phone and not just a website on my computer.


Thank you a lot!

I was skeptical!

I am really regretting not getting this sooner. I would have too if it was a little cheaper. This is excellent help I can look at limitless amount of examples that mostly have all the break downs showing work for me so I can figure out my problems. Worse case scenario if I really can’t figure out the problem I can submit it with copy paste and with in a hour or 2 an expert breaks it down for me so I can see what I am doing wrong! It’s worth the $20 a month if your really struggling to keep up in high end math. College Physics is starting to make sense! If you have a bad professor this will replace him lol! To Chegg please start offering a 1 week free trial with only being able to ask 3 questions or something so everyone can see how great this program is. Us college kids are broke and there are so many useless ripoff programs out there we’re afraid of wasting $20. We will all need it longer than a week!! Or bring the price down to 12.99 like most affordable monthly things are. Do either one and you will get way more students!

i love this app

having this as an app is so convenient with being able to upload photos & everyone is so helpful! love it

Bless your heart

Thanks for quick and insightful response


Good to study with, gives you examples and explains everything in steps, cost wise $15 a month is not that bad but wish it was a bit cheaper besides that it’s very helpful:)

Good up until this point

I have had my Chegg subscription for some time now and I haven’t had any problem with Chegg. However, I am trying to log into my account and it keeps asking me to reset my password for security reasons. So I request a password change and through my email I get the link to change it but every time I click on it it say it has timed out and to request another one even though I clicked in it literally seconds after I’ve gotten the email. I called customer service and they couldn’t help they said they would call me sometime between 5am and 6pm. I needed my account now to study tomorrow this is very annoying.

Thank you so much!

You’re amazing!


Wrong Solutions for all of my questions


Really helps me pass my classes

What happens when there wrong

I had 15 questions I could post. Out of the 15 questioned I posted to the experts whom I pay money to through the site gave me 7 wrong answers. That being said I didn’t get my questions back I lost Them and then they sad if I want more questions I could buy them. Well why would I buy more when the supposed to be experts answers 7 of the 15 questions wrong. That’s just about half of them. That’s not a good ratio at all especially when people are paying for this information.

Life saving

This app is life saving! Thank you ❤️

iPad app

Side bar won’t display properly only see a 1/4 of it. Also question take forever to load compared to iPhone. Like the content although it’s hit or miss. But the app functionality needs work.

Not helpful

I posted my questions and only one have been answered by Googly but out of 10 questions in my my home work, only 4 is correct from his answer. I think Googly is not an expert or professional person. 2 more questions have posted for more than 3 days now and no one answer yet. This app useless and unreliable. I would like to cancel my subscription.


This is wrong!

It’s great but...

We should be able to make responses to our post or even edit our post And we should be given credit for the points we haven’t used in the next month

Questions should be free

I love this app the only thing I don’t like is that you only get 20 questions and I’m really struggling with my math and it helped into a certain point and i don’t have that much money to buy more questions I’m on a budget it’s hard being a broke college student .

Can’t select problems, iPhone XS max not optimized

Can’t select problems, iPhone XS max not optimized. Unusable. Plz fix!!!

Best Investment a Student Could Make

Wonderful. I heavily rely on Chegg for all must study questions.

Does the Job

It really helps and the tutors are amazing


Legit without chegg study I would be failing all my classes. :)


Great work

Love it

Only thing is we should be able to edit question from the app and not require a computer

Stop asking me to log in

CONSTANTLY asks you to log in( for what reason?! You don’t even share private info using the app). The piece of garbage doesn’t even work correctly. You have to google search (outside of the app) to find chegg study content that you pay for! The in app search won’t even find the content I’m actually looking for but google finds it on After you use a browser to search it tries to send me to the app and it doesn’t even display the content you were looking for!!! Wastes so much time and undeserving of 14$/month.


Before I purchased it didn’t say that they have a limited questions. You can only ask a 20 question in a month and it’s 15 $ per month.


Would give zero stars if I could. Paid $15 for a subscription to get wrong answer. I wouldn’t use this website even if it were free.

So disappointing

I posted a question and get a wrong answer so I posted it one more time hoping someone else could slove it. Then the app can't give a correct answer after a whole day. Fake experts in chegg.

Not working

At the moment your app isn’t working. I’m already registered so it’s telling me I need to reset my pw. So I click that and then it says my email doesn’t exist. I proceed to Sign Up. I enter my email and pw and the red message says “it’s us, not you! Try again in a few minutes.” Still doesn’t work.


Great but a little expensive for students who are in college, I expected a lower price since chegg is all about helping students save money especially with there rentals, there subscription should be cheaper but other than that It’s very helpful

Thank you

Thank you. I can see this logic between categorical and nominal. I guess I was ranking them based of importance from my perspective. Hence, why I mentioned categorical. I was being biased by my interpretation and not following the definition. It make sense because these variables do not have positions or rank.


A great help with the homework!!!!!!!


Takes a long time to receive an answer and you have to post your questions one by one using up your question limit.

Fantastic solution

Thanks for the solution



10/10 from student

So this is the difference between an A and a C in class. 10/10 would recommend for homework help. It can reduce hours of frustration and provide clarity.



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