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I just started using it and so far it has not helped out much and it does have my field of study which is Sociology. Right now it is just a waste of a college student money!

Cannot login

Getting the error “It’s us, not you!” when trying to log in, for several weeks now. Can’t believe I pay nearly $200 a year and cannot log in on mobile.


I would like to access my bookmarked questions on the app and also on the mobile website. This is worthless without this function. I bookmark all my necessary questions and it would be great if I can access that on my phone as well, not just my laptop/desktop version. Thanks..

Glitch , maybe ?

Every time I am on safari looking up a question, once I click the chegg link it will redirect to the app and never load the Q&A that I requested. Another glitch is when I am using the safari and do not get redirected to the chegg app the safari chegg does not allow me to log in.

Awful service!

It takes them awhile to even reply and most the time it isn’t even right! I spent $15 a month for nothing. Now that I am trying to cancel my subscription it won’t let me! I’ve followed all of the directions it gives and there is no cancel button! They just charged my account again and I haven’t even used it and I cannot cancel it!


I had an online final and was struggling, so I decided to try Chegg. I got a 35% on the final because of this app, and the only ones that were correct were the ones I knew! I should’ve guessed and I’d still have my $15 and a better score. I contacted them asking for a refund within a few hours of subscribing and here we are days later with no response or refund.

Worth the money!

I swear I would’ve failed my physics course if it wasn’t for chegg! BELIEVE ME ITS 100% worth the money!

NOT a study guide, just answers (wrong answers too)

Terrible app to use if you need help with a math subject. It is not a study guide, it's just an answer sheet. A lot of answers are wrong or inaccurate. It does not help you learn in any way, because for the equations in the problems there are zero explanations and they pull random numbers without any reasoning on where they came from. Not only that, but it seems like they usually use the hardest method possible when doing problems that can use several different methods when finding the solution. Save yourself the money and find an ACTUAL study guide, purchasing this app will just be a waste of time and money. I definitely wasted both on this app! UPDATE: LEFT THIS REVIEW AND THE NEXT 3 PROBLEMS I TRIED TO DO WERE COMPLETELY WRONG! DO NOT DOWNLOAD, THIS APP IS A COMPLETE JOKE AND IS JUST GOING TO TAKE YOUR MONEY.

Can’t cancel

Don’t buy this unless you like paying for something every month that you can not cancel!

Some answers not written correctly.

I really liked chegg at first, but lately I keep finding that some of the answers are written incorrectly or mixed up and I stare at my equation wondering what I did wrong to come to find chegg is wrong. It’s really frustrating. (Precalculus)

Great when the app works

Chegg is great for math and physics step by step solutions but the app is awful. I’m constantly being logged out and most times logging back in will not work. I know it is not my email or password because now it says “it’s us not you. Try again in a few minutes”. I would definitely recommend if it wasn’t such a headache to use.


loved chegg at first but now no one answers any of my questions. I’ve had so many questions refunded. My questions were always answered fast and my questions are clear. definitely not happy

Helpful website, unhelpful app

The website is very helpful, but I can’t sign in with the app...

Mislead to believe ALL questions would be answered

Before you sign up it showed that the case study had all 5 parts answered but blurred out making it seem like when you pay you will be get all the answers, but after paying and unlocking the answers, that same page only had 1 answer explained, not all 5 like it showed blurred out. Very annoying ad I would not have paid $15 if I knew only 1 of 5 answers would be explained. Very misleading


I canceled my subscription many times. They kept charging me for months and only refunded me a portion of the fees they were taking from my account. Many people have had this problem! Why won’t they fix this? Because these people are scam artists, hoping you won’t notice they are still charging you. When you do notice, they say, they can only refund one payment hoping to shut you up so that they can continue to prey on poor college students.


Still no iPhone X support.

Finish the book

I bought this for 1 assignment thinking since the textbook is there the answers will be there. No. Half the chapters are missing. The app is kind of confusing too. Total waste of 15 and my time.

Can’t access chegg through the app

Generally this is a great site to use but I can never access my subscription through the app. It always tells me there’s any issue and try again in a few minutes.

Website is better

The app is terrible compared to the website. It is impossible to access the website on my phone without redirecting to this horrible app. The chegg resources are amazing but this app is not well made.

Extremely helpful

Chegg is a great study tool, and helps you when you are in a tough spot. Gives you the extra bit of knowledge you need to help grasp the tough tasks ahead of you.

Shady Company

I had missed repeated charges on my credit card statement for several months. Chegg said the Solutions trial is automatically added with books requiring solutions. I only ordered reading books. They said that shouldn’t have happened. Would not refund my money and asked me to dispute with my credit card company as fraud. I assume insurance pays the fraud and Chegg keeps their money too.

Good service but unnecessarily buggy

The chegg service is great but for the years I’ve had this app it’s always been inexcusably buggy. The likes/dislikes don’t show, you can’t comment on expert Q&As, it sometimes shows anonymous post’s profile pictures, if you open the app without internet connection it logs you out and clears your saved textbook solutions, etc. These issues have existed since I got the app.

Best thing

That ever happened to me in college.

Not impressed!!!

Very disappointed in this app!! Got several wrong answers and then was told I had hit my limit of questions for the month and needed to wait for a new billing cycle!! Not fair after wasting my questions on wrong solutions!! Use caution when purchasing!!

Terrible app/web viewer

Don’t get me wrong Chegg is a very useful tool when you pay and all, but they don’t ever fix bugs on the website or app. The annoying scrolling bug on the website hasn’t been fixed and it’s been there for years. The app often shows symbols in place of where text should be. I could keep going if I wanted to. They also get on your case if you use multiple devices at the same time, from the same location. I pay for the service for myself, why can’t I use it on more than one of my devices simultaneously?

App keeps crashing

When I try to access the textbook solutions it keeps crashing on me

Better pic quality

Great study tool but need better picture quality ASAP. Too many times I’ve posted a question and get a response back with the wrong equation because the picture doesn’t look good

Incorrect Answer

I needed to verify an answer to an open book biology 101 lab quiz question, and was given the wrong answer, causing me some confusion and a poor grade on my lab — not to mention the time spent trying to figure out how Chegg arrived at the answer they provided before it was counted incorrect. So irritated. I paid $20 to have my lab grade dropped a letter.

Where’s the logic?

I purchased chegg study to help with some really hard classes to assist in my learning. When the semester ended, I believed that I would no longer need chegg since the courses I was taking didn’t have any related courses at my school. So I cancelled it. Lo and behold, my next semester is equally hard when when I go to reactivate my account it’s $5 more a month. But if I made a new account it’s just 15 instead of 20. Okay...


Good luck canceling your subscription. Totally worthless for information technology.

Ancient site.

Website must the slowest I've ever seen! Slow turning pages and sometimes pages don't even load. Stick to Amazon or iBooks. Better and faster sites and 100% better customer service.

Need to be able to ask more questions

Love this app! However I’m giving 4 stars due to them putting a limit of 20 questions per month you’re able to ask experts for help despite us already paying per month to use the app. If you would maybe do an option to buy more questions that would be great! Or even just add more and bump it up to maybe 40 a month.

Great service, meh app

App should support iPhone X by now and its still a bit buggy when posting questions and refreshing. Wish the app was as good as the service!

It always doesn’t math the book.

Always always does not match the book like more than 30%



Love App its very helpful ,just some suggestions...

On the next update, you should add the review wanders and explanations for textbooks. Specifically, I'm talking about math books I'm not familiar with other books. But besides that, I love the app.


Chegg is a blessing.

Awesome app

Could you guys update the app for the iPhone X. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

One star is too much for this app 43.6$ stolen by chegg app

After I had tried several attempts to order membership in chegg, unfortunately I could not. Every time server respond card declined But after I watched my account balance I saw that 43.6$ was transferred to chegg without being a member!!! I don’t trust this website and this app I advise not to order membership.


My iphone 6S Plus will not open the app and my friends have been having the same issue! We need an update NOW!

It can be a life saver but...

Chegg has helped me multiple times however... I find it ridiculous that you can’t leave a comment on mobile. So of course you got to log in on a computer and 9 times of 10 you can’t even login in on the first try. When you finally do, it logs you back out and you can’t log back in. This isn’t always the case but like I said it happens more often than not. Sometimes you can’t even log in on mobile, and I have reached out to them multiple times through twitter where they do try to help but they usually say something along the lines of “oops try to uninstall the app and reinstall”. In short the concept is great but they really need to invest in a better system.

Good concept, it could be better.

Sometimes the tutors just give you the answer without explaining how they got there or show a bunch of formulas without explaining why they were used. I’ve had a few instances where the answers provided were graded wrong by my professors. A little elaboration on the answers go along way. The app itself on an iPhone 7 Plus does not allow you to comment on anything. The monthly pricing is a little steep since some of my answers do not get responded right away, or are incorrect, and you can only ask 20 questions a month.

Nothing short than AMAZING...but

This app has saved my life when it comes to school. The online tutors do their best to be quick when it comes to answering your questions. Longest I've had to wait was 20 minutes, which is quite fast for problems that would take me an hour to solve through trial and error. Here’s the reason behind “but”, I wish that the app would have an update to making up for the black borders on my iPhone X, most of the apps, that I have on my phone, updated themselves to accommodate for my phone’s screen except this one. Please make an update for the iPhone X. 🙏🏽


Just took me 2 hours to unsubscribe. Was comparable to passing a law. Not pleased, but hey at least I’m $30 in the hole and still can’t get an A in physics.

Very bad customer service

I relied on Chegg to check my work. This past two weeks I have been blocked and unable to get any access(while paying for my subscription). They blocked my account during midterms while I had 15 credits worth of material to check. Two weeks later they finally returned my email stating that it was their fault. Great, where was my account when I needed it most? This is a great resource but you’ll get blocked and ignored all while paying for a resource that is now completely free on other websites. Chegg, you have a major issue on your hands, good luck. I’m deleting my account and am now opponent. Good luck. With ALL the much better resources out there, you’re going to need it.

Needs a quicker response.

Chegg is a great app but it would be better if the tutors didn’t take long to respond to you. The app would be so much bette rig they responded quicker.

Doesn’t work

App crashes every time you touch something.

Not User Friendly

The tutors are great. It helps with my homework and classes, but the app and the mobile site are horrendous. Despite typing in the correct password and username, the page repeatedly goes back to the “Sign In” page. Even worse, I can’t even access my own posted questions. For paying about $15.00 a month to use it, I expect better functionality from Chegg’s application and website.

Used to help a lot but recently serious problem

Chegg helped me a lot in the past. But recently, the app often fails to load solutions. It is indicated my questions are answered and after i click the question it shows 1 solution, but the app cannot load it so nothing i can see. All my 6 questions this month fail to load on app.

No info provided

Sorry for the one star but ‘Something went wrong.’

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