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Not working

At the moment your app isn’t working. I’m already registered so it’s telling me I need to reset my pw. So I click that and then it says my email doesn’t exist. I proceed to Sign Up. I enter my email and pw and the red message says “it’s us, not you! Try again in a few minutes.” Still doesn’t work.


Great but a little expensive for students who are in college, I expected a lower price since chegg is all about helping students save money especially with there rentals, there subscription should be cheaper but other than that It’s very helpful

Thank you

Thank you. I can see this logic between categorical and nominal. I guess I was ranking them based of importance from my perspective. Hence, why I mentioned categorical. I was being biased by my interpretation and not following the definition. It make sense because these variables do not have positions or rank.


A great help with the homework!!!!!!!


Takes a long time to receive an answer and you have to post your questions one by one using up your question limit.

Fantastic solution

Thanks for the solution



10/10 from student

So this is the difference between an A and a C in class. 10/10 would recommend for homework help. It can reduce hours of frustration and provide clarity.



2 thumbs up

Best app ever!


I honestly love chegg. It has helped me from chemistry to math !

Used to be better

The fact that questions can just be ignored is ridiculous. I understand it can take a couple days, but I don’t want my “posted question” back I used it because I needed the help I pay for.


Tutors or extra help don’t get back to you and ignore questions if you need help


So it takes forever to download!! When my WiFi and data is fast and I have storage so if you are in a rush don’t get this app

Great except for a few things

The app is great and very convenient. The only complaints are that sometimes I grab the app on my phone and other times on my iPad and I find myself having to sign in again and again every once in a while. ALSO PLEASE ADD THE ABILITY TO BE ABLE TO COMMENT ON QUESTIONS ON THE APP. It doesn’t work and hasn’t been working forever. Other than that it’s a great app.

Cancelling please use another service

I posted questions on here only to get the wrong answers returned. Waste of 15 dollars a month.


I don’t suspend my account during the summer because Chegg deserves that extra money. Only 5/5 because 6/5 is not possible.

Amazing app

Such a helpful app! It really helps me with hw and understanding the subjects I’m struggling with


The answer seems to make sense based on the calculations and assumptions made

Is nice to have the help

I love chegg to help me work through and check my math problems since I always struggle with it. It just bothers me that I have to purchase extra questions if I go over, and that I can’t manage my account on my phone.


I love how you get the answers you’re looking for with an explanation. And you don’t even have to type out the questions, all you have to do is take a picture and submit it.


Very good


Free? Hah, to actually get help, you need an additional $15 per month. I’m a college student and barley get by. Have fun ripping off other people, but you lost my business.

Awesome app

Very useful


I love it very good investment for a broke college student.

Out of control

I can’t figure out how to cancel this subscription. I have been trying for months. The phone number listed as their contact on my PayPal receipt is not in working order. I have had so many NSF fees because these people keep trying to take money out of my account (It is at at least $100 right now). It used to be easy to subscribe then cancel but now it’s near impossible and I’m already struggling financially. I can’t have this company trying to continuously take out money when it is no longer authorized!! I can not afford this crap situation. Here I am NEGATIVE in my account again. Thanks Chegg... 0 stars!!!!

More than just homework help

This app has saved my life as an engineer. With sometimes bad professors, the problems worked out on this app are so clear and help me understand the material that allows me to get As on all my exams.

LOVE! So worth the 14.99

Seeing the step by step is amazing. It even has the step by step to the answers for the even problems. This app makes it really easy to review without taking out your notes or previous homework’s.


Helps a lott


This is an awesome service that you provide for students. It has really been a valuable resource for me when I need tutoring. Great service and I have and will recommend this site to all my fellow students.

Practically False Advertising

They claim to have a Solution Book for the text book you search, but when you buy the subscription(assuming your text book isn’t a popular one) the book is filled with “No solution yet ask an expert.” Unless you want to send 20 questions a day avoid Chegg.


This is a must for any student. Best 15$ ever

Perfect tool!

Gives great help and you can practice it till you know it. Makes a very efficient way of studying!

Very Good

Helped me in many classes I’ve taken, highly recommend!

Not able to provide clarity to asked questions answered incorrectly

Reply to responses. I don’t like how you can’t reply to a response and you have to ask the question all over again with additional clarification.


I just did it so it would leave me in peace


Perfect thank you,


Well done on the problem explanation, I appreciate the speedy feedback. Good work— thank you. You make accounting seem simple! 👌

Bluebook exercises

Great explanation! Thanks!

Best aid ever

I really like having this as a way to check the process of my work. If I go about it incorrectly or make a mistake, chegg is here to guide me in the right direction.

A Must Have

Chegg has been nothing short of a life saver for me as a math major. I used to spend hours stuck on problems, then I discovered Chegg. The solutions given are well explained and everyone is so helpful. Worth every cent I spend on the subscription.

Not worth it

Tried it and couldn’t get any help at all. Tried to cancel my subscription right away and couldn’t do that either. Tried to get a refund and once again no one can help. Save your money, app isn’t worth it.

Very helpful

Chegg has helped me in so many ways, its really has been my personal teacher. Whenever my professor would not explain something clearly, chegg was always there for me. Helped me out a LOT during my classes!


My question An endothermic reaction versus an exothermic reaction A) the energy of activation is relatively higher B)the energy of products is lower than reactants C)the heat of reaction is negative D) heat appears with the appearance of products E)feels warm to the touch There are only 20 question we are allowed to ask and someone answered none of the choice is correct , I’m preparing for finals and I’m so frustrated as I’m stuck and no one is helping🧠

Love it

The people here are AMAZING!!!

Awful picture quality

Pictures look good when you take them but after the question is posted they are unreadable

Answers to questions

Great at answering questions in a timely manner and great details and explanation of answers.


Wrong answers trash


It’s not a cheap subscription but it worth the price!


I use this very frequently. My only complaint is the quality of some of the experts. They will give you the wrong answer, but CHEGG still deducts that from your 20 questions. I have posted the same question multiple times because of incorrect answers and the new expert will often copy the incorrect answer that caused me to report in the first place, and give me the same exact answer. There are some that don’t even bother to read the question thoroughly and miss the bold red letters that informs them that I am looking for something specific such as how to solve using a calculator. It’s extremely frustrating and I believe that CHEGG should credit you for incorrect/incomplete answers. Another issue I have is that although you are given an opportunity to ask follow up questions, the experts don’t usually answer them. Some do, but not all of them. Other than that the replies are usually quick and the answers provided are correct more often than not.

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